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About Wheelchair Games

Wheelchairgames is a complete hub for trainers, sport equipment and training classes related to Wheelchair games. You can use our services to let us help you to find the best tracks, trainers and other accessories for you.

For Customers:

Search to find racing tracks and trainers instantly:

Wheelchairgames features a complete search engine for all of your wheelchair games needs, such as finding trainers and booking tracks for matches.

Availability of racing tracks and other equipment:

We can help you to find the best wheelchair game equipment and other accessories for you at the best prices. All the details of the products and places are provided in one place to help you to make the perfect choice for your requirements.

Instant access to our trainers:

You will have instant access to our trainers, so that you can directly communicate with them to resolve your queries and to coordinate with them with ease.

For trainers

Free registration:

If you are an experienced wheelchair game player and have the skills required to train other people to become good at playing these games, then you should sign up with us as a trainer. It is completely free to register yourself as a trainer and you won’t need to pay a single penny for that.

Tons of aspiring trainees:

We get a lot of visitors to our website. The majority of these visitors are interested to get training classes of wheelchair games, which can be a great opportunity for you to earn good money. So sign up with us today as a trainer to take advantage of this demand for trainers and get started on your career as a wheelchair game trainer.

Virtual account manager:

We will provide you a virtual account manager who will be handling your queries and will mediate between you and the trainees, thus helping you to get the best outcomes from wheelchairgames.ae.